Put your city in the picture with mobile photography and Instagram


..our social media reach and breadth

You will have access to social media platforms with a large base of followers. The SeeMyCity members have a combined following of over 900.000 followers on Instagram, as well as a strong network of contacts within the business community around the world.


..from our expertise.

We have training skills to teach relevant audiences the basics of mobile photography, how to use social media and how to become involved and act as promoters. We also know how to capture a city uniquely and originally. Find out more about what services we offer here.


..lasting benefits

The marketing effect of our projects continue long after the project has ended, as participants continue to take pictures and share them on social media. All SeeMyCity projects have been shown to have that effect. Read more about us here.


..social relations and local community affiliation

Our team will help make connections and establish a local community. By encouraging locals and residents to take notice of the beauty and aesthetics of their own city, the pictures taken and shared by them become efficient and powerful marketing tools.


..the unique, innovative and effective concept

Since its launch back in 2012, SeeMyCity has successfully implemented its concept in cities from central Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. All projects brought about several thousand submissions to their contests, inspiring exhibitions and overwhelming media coverage.

Current & Upcoming events

SMD exhibition 2015

Exhibition SeeMyDoha exhibition 2015

ExhibitionEvent has passed.

May 27th - Jun 3rd 2015

Souq Waqif Art Center

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Competition #PowerUppAmsterdam

CompetitionEvent has passed.

Feb 18th - Mar 15th 2015


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Doha in motion 02 Marianne Hope

Competition SeeMyDoha 2015

CompetitionEvent has passed.

Jan 18th - Apr 18th 2015


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“Truly love witnessing the genesis of @SeeMyCity project taking shape in The Netherlands. Started by some of the top IGers in Holland its concept of city marketing via social media engagement is ingenious!…” @tomaszmia

“Great song! I mean: what you do in Almere is like playing in a band together. What we see is the session of the first super group on IG. Title of the new album: #SeeMyCity Almere!” @joachim67

„This is such a fun project, SeeMyCity. Thanks for the continuous great tips and things like that!” @lidyvps 

„Honestly, #seemydoha became a great talent support account, the best of the best have been boosted to become even better, our talents are shy, and such initiatives will unleash them” @ahmad_alhammadi_ 

„Thank you SeeMyDoha for the wonderful platform. Your growing community and word of mouth from every other instagrammer in Qatar and around truly reflects the hard work being put in by all involved. Heartiest appreciations to you all.” @affie_78

”Thank you! The #seemyleuven workshop taught me how to be creative with a smartphone, in spite of the technical restrictions. The restrictions are what makes it fun and goes to show that you don´t need all digital camera functionalities to take a great photo” @flupke1

“I’ve been living in Almere for almost 10 years, long ago, and was glad to leave. Now, since IG and SeeMyCity, and this shot, I’d like to go back… That’s what a good shot is doing to me.” @lidyvps 

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