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Who owns the content of the project?

October 18, 2013 0 comment(s)

The literature that is written specifically for the project is yours. Images that were taken either by us or by members of the public belong to the photographer. However, they can be used for marketing purposes for the duration of the project if the photographer is credited (with prior consent, which can be automatically put into place when contributing for certain hashtags or for competitions).
 You also have the option of buying or licensing SeeMyCity’s pictures to use after the project has ended.

About the author

Marianne Hope

Norwegian photographer and traveler living in the Netherlands. Founder and manager of SeeMyCity and owner of picturely.spoken.



About SeeMyCity

SeeMyCity is a Dutch city marketing project based on advanced and creative mobile photography and social media. Our goal is to show and market cities through unique and contemporary mobile photography. Learn more about us.

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