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February 17, 2015 0 comment(s)

Mobile photography competition

We are excited to finally kick of our newest project: #PowerUppAmsterdam

SeeMyCity wants to “SeeYourAmsterdam” while living life unplugged.

The prize: Upp™, the portable USB charger for smartphones.

“The batteries of our smartphones often run out at the wrong time. With Upp, you get instant access to energy whenever and wherever you need it. Contrary to conventional battery packs and power banks, Upp transforms hydrogen power into energy on the go. For more detailed information about the latest of mobile energy innovation go to”

Upp is currently available to the public only in the UK through Apple stores and online through, so this competition gives you the unique opportunity to get Upp prior to the product launch in The Netherlands.


  1. Contest starts Feb. 18th 2015 and ends March 15th 2015
  2. Use your smartphone to capture Amsterdam and share to Instagram
  3. Must include hashtag #PowerUppAmsterdam
  4. Follow @SeeMyCity and @beupp_nederland on Instagram.
  5. Show how you see life in the city, ‘hanging out’, ‘on the move’, ‘living life unplugged
  6. Mobile photography only will be accepted
  7. 1 winner* will receive the Upp starter set, value €199,-
  8. 4 best runner ups will be featured and receive a special mention on our Instagram and website
  9. International submissions are accepted, but please see text below*
  10. SeeMyCity’s General Competition Rules  applies to all our contests
*Please note: eligible winner of the Upp™ prize must be resident of The Netherlands. If you reside outside of The Netherlands, you can still participate in the competition and be in for a chance of a special mention/feature. The top four (4) runner ups will be featured on Instagram and SeeMyCity’s website.

For updates about Upp availability in The Netherlands follow @beupp_nederland on Twitter and Instagram.


General Competition Rules

About the author

Marianne Hope

Norwegian photographer and traveler living in the Netherlands. Founder and manager of SeeMyCity and owner of picturely.spoken.



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SeeMyCity is a Dutch city marketing project based on advanced and creative mobile photography and social media. Our goal is to show and market cities through unique and contemporary mobile photography. Learn more about us.

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