Dit is Zuid – Rotterdam

The project Dit Is Zuid, featuring the south of Rotterdam, was a collaboration between the ‘Dit Is Zuid’-projectgroup and SeeMyCity.


The project Dit Is Zuid (‘This Is South’) was initiated by Instagramers Jeroen Moor (@charlietash) and Marco Slingerland (@marcos010), both living and working in Rotterdam on the southside of the river Maas. They wanted to showcase the area with its old factories as well as contemporary and unique architecture and decided to do so by organizing a photo competition and several exhibitions.

SeeMyCity was asked to photograph the area and participate with their best photos in the exhibition.


To engage the residents, as well as people from outside Rotterdam, two photo walks were arranged, which resulted in a strong community of local mobile photographers that still meet up to this day.

Instagram competition

In the spring of 2012, Dit Is Zuid & SeeMyCity launched the Dit Is Zuid photo competition, inviting residents and visitors of south Rotterdam to capture the area through mobile photography and using the hashtag #DitIsZuid on Instagram.

The best pictures of the Dit Is Zuid competition and a selection of SeeMyCity’s photographs were exhibited at the RAAF Rotterdam, from April 7th through May 27th 2012.

A further selection of Dit Is Zuid pictures were in a window-display at Expo Beursplein from June 11th to June 23rd 2012.

The exhibition can still be seen today at the InHolland school, where DitIsZuid photographs & SeeMyCity’s images have been on display since October 2012

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