SeeMyDoha 2013/14

Doha, the capital and economic centre of Qatar, is a multicultural city with futuristic and impressive architecture.


SeeMyDoha is SeeMyCity‘s latest and biggest venture and will be an ongoing project with an annual mobile photography competition ending with the SeeMyDoha Awards. Initiated by Jaidah Group, the SeeMyDoha  project is showcasing the best of Qatar mobile photography. See a video with a summary of the first year of the project in 2013/2014 and also show casing how to use and share on Instagram.

Jaidah Group is supporting SeeMyDoha as a means to not only promote artistic expression amongst Doha’s residents, but also to act as a marketing tool for the city and attract further tourism. See also the official SeeMyDoha webpage.

Workshop mobile photography

2 photography workshops were held in spring 2013. The workshops were held at The Photographic Society in the village of Katara.

Both workshops were organized and offered for free by Jaidah Group and executed by SeeMyCity.

This video was made during our two workshops and also gives a short overview of how to use Instagram.

Mobile photo competition

Jaidah Group and SeeMyCity wanted to “See Your Doha”, aiming to engage the citizens and visitors of Doha. Through the months of April through September 2013, 3 finalists were chosen every month in the categories Details, Black & White, People, Architecture, Colours and Open category. By the end of the competition over 20.000 pictures had been submitted to the contest via the hashtag #seemydoha on Instagram.

All monthly finalist pictures were part of the SeeMyDoha exhibition held in January/February 2014, and 5 were voted for the top prizes. Please see the winning pictures here.


Click here to see the:

SeeMyDoha exhibition 2014

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