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See Marco’s City – Venice

December 17, 2014 0 comment(s)

Marco Gaggio is an architect based in Venice. He expresses his passion for photography through beautiful images of his city, which he posts on his Instagram account under the name @neumarc. Marco describes himself as a multi-tasker, and always on the hunt for new things to see. It certainly shows in his images! We’ve invited Marco to be the subject of our latest SeeTheirCity interview.

1. Featured picture

Marco chose this photo because he feels it represents Venice at its best. It shows its intimate and melancholic soul – its delicate and fragile beauty.

2. Style

We asked Marco to choose the options that best describe his style. His choices are highlighted:

  1. Spontaneous or Planner
  2. Lone shooter or Social shooter
  3. Colours or Black & White
  4. Gadgets or Simply mobile phone
  5. iOS or Android
  6. Innovative or Traditional
  7. Edit or No edit
  8. Filter or No Filter
  9. People (in pictures) or No People

3. Marco’s top 3 reasons to visit Venice:

  1. Art and architectural history
  2. There are no cars (and a lot of boats)
  3. We don’t know how long it will last!

 4. Marco’s best “secret” hot spots to visit in Venice:

1) San Giorgio Island. This is the best place to catch the perfect sunset photo facing San Marco square and Punta della Dogana. I especially love the scene from the top of the San Giorgio belfry tower. From there you’ll find the most amazing view over the city.

2) Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni. I love this beautiful little piece of architecture. Take the time to visit it and then get lost in its surrounding neighbourhood. You’ll be fascinated by the charm of this area, and the small shops and bars are mainly frequented by locals. It’s the perfect way to experience the real Venice.

3) Torcello Island. It really is worth the visit to see a completely different Venice. As the city was raised on the water, you can find its origins whilst strolling around this almost uninhabited island, surrounded by the lagoon and spectacular landscapes.

5. Marco’s suggestion for a future SeeMyCity project: St. Petersburg

I would like to see St. Petersburg featured. I’ve never been there, but it seems like an amazing place, with gorgeous architecture at places such as the Hermitage museum, and lots of beautiful views over the sea and Neva delta. I’ve always dreamt about the white nights of St. Petersburg and would really love to capture the light reflecting off the bridges and buildings during these endless nights. 

6. Marco’s app recommendation:

As an architect, i’m deeply in love with SKRWT. A must-have for a geometry and precision-obsessed person like me.

7. Marco’s top 3 recommendations of other Venice Instagrammers to follow:

  1. @lightbulbsun
  2. @labettarossa
  3. @psychodreaming

Here are some of Marco’s images of Venice:



Thank you very much indeed, Marco! Check back next month as we chat to another Instagrammer, and join us as we get to SeeTheirCity!

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