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See Nathalie’s City – Paris

March 5, 2014 0 comment(s)

We are very happy to present our first city photographer in our new series “SeeTheirCity”; Nathalie Geffroy, @nathparis on Instagram. Nathalie is one of Instagram’s most talented city photographers. She has a unique talent for noticing and capturing every day moments, and making them stunning and special. If you haven’t seen Nathalie’s Paris yet, you have missed out on something unique and beautiful.

Nathalie works in advertising as a Creative Director. She’s Parisian with a love for anything artistic: graphic design, typography, paintings and, obviously, photography.


1. Featured picture

Above is Nathalie’s SeeMyParis picture, a picture that represents her city and style. Nathalie tells us she initially took the picture because the elegance of the jogger caught her attention. The combination of elegance and the Tour Eiffel in the backdrop makes it a typical Parisian motive. With some simple edits – tilting and changing to b&w – she was able to complement that elegance with a sense of slowness, giving the impression that the jogger was running on a tread mill.


2. Style

We asked Nathalie to pick one of each opposite listed below that describes her style best.  Her choices are highlighted:

  1. Spontaneous or Planner
  2. Lone shooter or Social shooter
  3. Colours or Black & White
  4. Gadgets or Simply mobile phone
  5. iOS or Android
  6. Innovative or Traditional
  7. Edit or No edit
  8. Filter or No filter
  9. People (in pictures) or No people


3. Nathalie’s top 3 reasons to visit Paris:

  1. The city’s atmosphere of timelessness and romance
  2. The city’s monuments and culture
  3. Beautiful gardens and parks


 4. Nathalie’s best “secret” hot spots to visit in Paris:

1) Les Quais de Seine: I like walking there throughout the year. It is a pleasant stroll where you can see lovers, people talking or people just having a walk. In the evening the lights are wonderful. It’s a quiet place, but at the same time it is very alive – a haven of peace away from the traffic and the frenzy of Paris’s streets.

2) Les Tuileries: This garden is very attractive across all four seasons. It has long rows of trees. You can really see the seasons changing there. I like watching the water ponds, the children playing with wooden boats, the seated couples and the gulls flying overhead.

3) Paris’s streets: I like walking around the streets of my city. You always have something to photograph there. Maybe you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance from between two buildings, a silhouette crossing the street, a bike…


 5. Nathalie’s suggestion for a future SeeMyCity project: San Francisco

Nathalie has been dreaming of visiting San Francisco for a long time and would love to see its architecture, its cultural attractions and the uniqueness of its different districts, especially the monuments and places such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Lombard st. and Chinatown.


6. Nathalie’s app recommendation:

Nathalie only ever uses  Filterstorm and/or Snapseed


7. Nathalie’s top 3 recommendations of other parisian Instagrammers to follow:

1. @nzphoto
2. @wheninparis
3. @loxilaux

Here are some of Nathalie’s favorite pictures of Paris:

nathparis Overflow Paris  nathparis Locks Paris

nathparis Levitation Paris  nathparis Happy day Paris

Merci to Nathalie for inspiring us with her beautiful pictures of Paris, leaving us all longing for a visit to Paris in the nearest future. Check back following month to see what city and photographer we will present next.

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