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See Sezgi’s city – Istanbul

October 1, 2014 0 comment(s)

Sezgi Olgac is an Istanbul-based copywriter, jazz vocalist and photographer. She’s a person of images, sounds and words, with a love of travelling, exploring and meeting new people. She’s also an amazing Instagrammer! We’ve invited Sezgi – known as @sezgiolgac on Instagram – to be the subject of our latest SeeTheirCity interview.

1. Featured picture

Sezgi chose this photo because she feels it represents both Istanbul’s beauty and its vibrant nature, which is full of surprising moments.

2. Style

We asked Sezgi to choose the options that best describe her style. Her choices are highlighted:

  1. Spontaneous or Planner
  2. Lone shooter or Social shooter
  3. Colours or Black & White
  4. Gadgets or Simply mobile phone
  5. iOS or Android
  6. Innovative or Traditional
  7. Edit or No edit
  8. Filter or No Filter
  9. People (in pictures) or No People

3. Sezgi’s top 3 reasons to visit Istanbul:

  1. It’s a great combination of history and modernity
  2. It’s a fascinating multi-layered city with inspiring beauty
  3. Its vibrant street scene is full of moments to capture

 4. Sezgi’s best “secret” hot spots to visit in Istanbul:

1) Balat is definitely one of the city’s most beautiful spots that visitors often miss. Balat is a suburban neighbourhood of Istanbul with colourful architecture and also a place where different ethnic cultures have lived together throughout history.

2) Küçük Ayasofya is another lesser-known neighbourhood. Although it’s very close to the famous Sultanahmet Square it’s a lot less crowded. You can find pretty houses, coffee and tea houses and the Küçük Ayasofya mosque there.

3) Tema Otagtepe Park is the place to go for people who want to witness a fascinatinating sunset over the Bosphorus. The park is located on the top of a hill on the Asian side of the river and is a very famous spot for Istanbul Instagrammers. However, it’s not a spot that many tourists know about. 

5. Sezgi’s suggestion for a future SeeMyCity project: Paris

I’d love to see Paris because I’ve never visited it. I’d be totally stoked to see it!

6. Sezgi’s app recommendation:

SKRWT. I think it’s one of the best photography apps ever created. It helps you reduce the perspective distortion on your photos. If you’re obsessed with architecture and lines, this app will turn your imperfect images into perfect shots

7. Sezgi’s top 3 recommendations of other Istanbul Instagrammers to follow:

  1. @ahmet.erdem
  2. @mujganozceylan
  3. @elifmd

Here are some of Sezgi’s images of Istanbul:



Thank you very much indeed, Sezgi! Check back next month as we chat to another Instagrammer, and join us as we get to SeeTheirCity!

About the author

Marianne Hope

Norwegian photographer and traveler living in the Netherlands. Founder and manager of SeeMyCity and owner of picturely.spoken.



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