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Welcome our newest member Nicolee Drake!

April 2, 2014 0 comment(s)

…and what better way to get to know her than by seeing her city; Rome! As of today we are very happy to have Nicolee Drake officially join our team here at SeeMyCity, stepping in as our sixth member after Yvonne Bouman had to step down. Known as @cucinadigitale on Instagram, Nicolee is a California girl with an eye for storytelling. Since 2009 she´s been based in Rome, Italy and is communicating visual concepts through the camera´s lens and keyboard and mouse. Her take on Instagram, as well as life, is finding beauty in the everyday. She is a professional photographer and web designer.


1. Featured picture

Above is Nicolee’s SeeMyRome picture, a picture that shows the ancient splendor of the city merged with modern everyday life.


2. Style

We asked Nicolee to pick one of each opposite listed below that describes her style best. Her choices are highlighted:

  1. Spontaneous or Planner
  2. Lone shooter or Social shooter
  3. Colours or Black & White
  4. Gadgets or Simply mobile phone
  5. iOS or Android
  6. Innovative or Traditional
  7. Edit or No edit
  8. Filter or No filter
  9. People (in pictures) or No people


3. Nicolee’s top 3 reasons to visit Rome:

  1. Art & Architecture
  2. Food & wine
  3. Charming people


4. Nicolee’s best “secret” hot spots to visit in Rome:

1) Testaccio – off the beaten path in Rome. I like Testaccio for its lively atmosphere and everyday Italian moments, but I go there mainly for its food scene. It’s one of my favorite places for specialty stores, markets, and pizza (from da Remo). It’s the perfect neighborhood to experience Rome like a local.

2) Via Appia Antica – all roads lead to Rome. Just outside the city walls, Via Appia Antica is a picturesque setting for a bike ride or a leisurely walk past villas and ancient ruins.

3) Villa Doria Pamphili – not your ordinary stroll through the park. Villa Doria Pamphili is a green oasis of stunning gardens and Baroque architecture just a few steps outside of the Aurelian walls.


5. Nicolee’s suggestion for a future SeeMyCity project: Cape Town, South Africa

Nicolee is intrigued by Cape Town not only for its majestic scenery and urban edge, but also for its rich culture and history. On top of her list of things to do is going on the safari at Kruger National Park.


6. Nicolee’s app recommendation:

Snapseed, Afterlight and VSCOcam


7. Nicolee’s top 2 recommendations of other Instagrammers in Rome to follow:

  1. @stereotoy
  2.  @mattego


Here are some of Nicolee’s favorite pictures of Rome:

cucinadigitale_bar_peru cucinadigitale_cello cucinadigitale_pantheon cucinadigitale_rome_rooftops

Hope you enjoyed reading about beautiful Rome. Check back first week of May to see what city and photographer we will present next.

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Marianne Hope

Norwegian photographer and traveler living in the Netherlands. Founder and manager of SeeMyCity and owner of picturely.spoken.



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