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See Paulo’s Rio

February 4, 2015 0 comment(s)

Paulo del Valle, is a 25 years old photographer, designer and entrepreneur with a special love for vivid colors and shooting from unusual angles. The interesting thing about Paulo is that he has two Instagram accounts with very different styles, but both very good. In this article we will show pictures from his colorful and iPhone only account @paulo_delvalle. His main account, which is mostly DSLR and might be the account that you already know him from is @paulodelvalle, and that feed shows the beautiful landscapes, beaches and people of Rio de Janeiro in a slightly different way:)

“Muito obrigado” for letting us get to know Rio through your eyes, Paulo.

1. Featured picture

The featured picture was taken at the famous tiled stairs Escadaria Selarón when Paulo showed them to the IG stars @muradosmann and his girlfriend @yourleo. The feet actually belong to @yourleo. The whole area is a fantastic piece of art, made as a tribute to the Brazilian people by the late Jorge Selarón.

2. Style

We asked Paulo to choose the options that best describe his style. His choices are highlighted:

  1. Spontaneous or Planner
  2. Lone shooter or Social shooter
  3. Colours or Black & White
  4. Gadgets or Simply mobile phone
  5. iOS or Android
  6. Innovative or Traditional
  7. Edit or No edit
  8. Filter or No Filter
  9. People (in pictures) or No People

3. Paulo’s top 3 reasons to visit Rio de Janeiro:

  1. Beautiful landscapes
  2. Amazing people
  3. Events and things happening all the time, everywhere

 4. Paulo’s best “secret” hot spots to visit in Rio de Janeiro:

  1. “Mirante Dona Marta”
  2. “Parque Lage”
  3. “Praia de Grumari”

These are all places that are very beautiful and less well known to tourists. They are perfectly calm and filled with locals.

5. Paulo’s suggestion for a future SeeMyCity project: Istanbul

I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey and I’ve been told many times how amazing Istanbul is. I
hope to visit soon, but I would love to see it on SeeMyCity in the meantime.

6. Marco’s app recommendation:


7. Marco’s top 3 recommendations of other Rio de Janeiro Instagrammers to follow:

  1. @zefelipe
  2. @arthurmartins
  3. @yugi

Here are some of Paulo’s images of Rio de Janeiro:



We hope you will all check back next month as we chat to another Instagrammer, letting us SeeTheirCity!

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